This is a story of a Village and where many Girls are murdered and everyone shocked and confused. ……….What is the secret of Lalpahad………..Lastly Mystery was solved.

In the Story of a POTHRAJ Family which is also a folk culture of State. Where we promoting the Pothraj Culture.

This is a story of a Boy/Girl Ambition & Dreams where the society discriminate their Freedom and opportunity. Due to lack of education villagers are still beliefs in Old tradition (Pratha) that is not good for society. i.e black magic, tantra, mantra.

One businessmen came from Delhi for Ganja Farming and he convenience the Village Mukhia with the help of Police IIC . How they are doing their business and they have closed the eye of villagers in the name of Tradition (Pratha) One Photography Company came to village for nature photography where Pragati was leading and sibu got theopportunity to help her and they become good friends and after shoot she was back to delhi with gifting his camera by showing his interest and there opportunity comes where sibu got the information of Photography Contest and sibu Participate and also selected and goes to Delhi.

Sibu goes to Delhi for contest where Pragati help him and win in the competition and showing the Delhi life style where we have show case the WOMEN POWER in URBAN AREA (How they are getting the opportunity and freedom
and move at par with man SIGNIFIES WOMEN POWER) Sibu back to village where he fInds his friend PRATHA has died and now he is investigate and finding out the reason for her death and taking the revenge from her enemies.

Now he identifies how our Tradition, villagers belief make us blind and they do what ever want to do in the name of TRADITION (Pratha) where specialy Girls are more Scarified and our customs hampering the development of women, and women’s freedom It is good to swim in the waters of tradition, but to sink in them is suicide (Mahatma Gandhi)